Graduate CV Service - £165.00

Be Noticed | Prepare to Win | Get Hired

Your CV Package will include:

  • Word Document - Fully Editable.
  • PDF File - Content and Format Integrity.
  • Unlimited Updates for 12 Months.

You will receive, like many other satisfied clients, the direct-benefit of a refreshing, provocative and down-to-earth methodology that focuses 100% on your core credentials and ‘future self’ success influences — a methodology based on working together for mutual success and satisfaction; succeeding in a mutually beneficial way, placing you where opportunity can see you.

Detailed Telephone Consultation

Carried out by an experienced professional (Coaching Approach); an impartial companion who takes the time and effort to recognise your true qualities and traits. It is IMPORTANT to have an information gathering session that gets to the heart of the matter - providing more added value to you (45+ Minutes) when formulating the CV. I can make myself available up to 9 PM most evenings for busy clients.

A consultant who is highly skilled at asking the right questions, my job is to pull out bits of information and place together in a coherent form. I have acquired the ability to place myself in the mind-set of my clients in order to get a real feel for who they are, what they’ve achieved and what they’re looking for, i.e. next steps in their career.

Advertised Job Description Analysis and Targeting

Your documents can be specifically formatulated in line with live advertised job descriptions that you want to apply for - individually tailored for each job by highlighting career tangibles that positions 'YOU' as the solution for that particular opening.

Digital Copies

You will receive digital versions of your CV (MS Word and PDF files) via email on the same day it’s completed. This conveniently allows you to print, edit and easily share (email/upload) you’re CV. Unlike other CV consultancies, we do not charge you an extra fee, for these digital files.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliant

Keyword maximised for recruitment database systems.

The primary application within any recruitment management suite is an applicant tracking system (ATS); an applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment life cycle by automating the hiring process - from receiving online applications and reviewing resumes, to interviewing candidates and on-boarding new hires. It is believed that approximately 65 percent of all mid-sized companies were using some form of ATS in 2012, and that number is growing as more companies adopt HR technology.

Cover Letter Writing Service

A bespoke cover letter created which can be either a Generic one i.e. can be used for any position offer by any company. Or get a Speculative Cover Letter i.e. which can vary according to the nature of the company and fits more in line with the position on offer.

Great care is taken to create the required level of information required by the recruiter; the cover letter must match the specifics of the position. Be concise and stimulating in style fully matching the position advertised – failure at this critical point will without doubt hinder your chances of getting your CV read, and the prospect of getting interviewed.

Interview Preparation Guide (PDF)

Highlights the importance of formulating questions and conducting research prior to the interview; it also helps you to think about how you can match their needs and add value to the organisation.

The guide will prepare you for your meeting where you will be better equipped to answer and ask questions in a more professional and confident manner. Ultimately, good dialogue leads to connection and trust, resulting in a desire to engage.

When you’re fully prepared, you are confident to negotiate and win the day.

LinkedIn Profile

Be found with a positive keyword optimised Linkedin profile that’s influentially written to ensure that first impression is a productive one.

  • Search engine optimised headline, unique to your profile
  • Optimised keyword summary written in the first person narrative
  • Skills section - keyword optimised (up to 50 keywords)
  • Employment history told in the first person narrative
  • Qualifications, professional training and awards

12 months CV revisions

Ideal for when you need to add vital information such as additional training qualifications and work-based achievements.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your documents, I will work with you until you are totally satisfied. Could any offer be fairer? Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on 5 Star reviews and referrals.

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