Frequently Asked Questions

What is your value proposition?

Our goal is to get you favourable results. We don’t just make the reader’s eyes pop; we ensure what is read sticks in the mind of the reader, through awakening his/her concentration of attention.

IMAGINE: Not just outranking, but conquering your fellow competitors. ‘YOU’ get to say ‘CHECKMATE’ to the competition, because when we think ‘YOU’ win, that’s what you want, isn’t it?

With so many CV companies around, why should I use you?

We provide our extensive expertise in typography, copywriting, desktop publishing and self-marketing to the forefront. All our professional CV writers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, with backgrounds in Motivational Psychology, HR departments, recruitment and marketing. They all possess up-to-date knowledge on the principles of influence and recruitment and keen senses for what employers look for when selecting candidates.

We practice the latest findings from experts in the fields of psychological advances i.e. Motivational Psychology, Psychological Triggers, Judgmental Heuristics, Emotional Marketing, Prospect Theory, Collective Efficacy and Self-Regulatory Mechanisms (self-influence in human self-development, adaptation, and change). It’s taken many fine experts decades of research in the fields of psychology and behavioural science to deliver some of the most significant and cutting-edge breakthroughs, and to whom we are exceptionally grateful for their time.

These principles are applied to all human decision making across cultures, genders and age groups; providing us with an instant competitive edge over those without this breakthrough knowledge.

As mentioned, it's taken decades of research in the fields of psychology and behavioural science – scientifically proven principles that allow ordinary people just like you to gain an instant competitive edge over your fellow job applicants.


Frequently, we are asked the following ‘apprehensive’ question:

“What places a consultant in a higher authority position over me, seeing that it’s my CV?”

Our answer is simple; “A professional CV writer is an independent individual, who provides an ‘impartial’ overview.”

The CV writer’s ability to stay focused while being consistent, clearly capturing key strengths and experience, whilst retaining the client’s personality, leaves the client feeling elevated, motivated and confident. It’s this ‘impartiality’ that allows others to see qualities and traits that we ourselves cannot see.

Right Questioning

Our consultants are highly skilled at asking the right questions, their job is to pull out bits of information and place together in a coherent form. They have the ability to place themselves in the mind-set of their clients in order to get a real feel for who they are, what they’ve achieved and what they’re looking for.

Stressing the importance of asking the ‘Right Questions’ - this brings forward a crucial benefit. Consultants will be asking very similar questions to that of your interviewer. You will also be advised to make a list of your own questions in relation to the position you’re aiming for.

Your interviewer will certainly expect you to ask some questions of your own, near concluding the interview. It’s this clarity and preparedness that will not only provide you with renewed confidence, but also make a great impression upon the interviewer.

Your true worth

The main task of the CV writer is to discover your ‘true worth’, which is then transferred to the application document (your CV). At this stage, it is not only your skillset, experience and personality that count, but your presentation of it.

As you’ve just read, we take a coaching approach, providing the time, care and effort to focus on you individually, to produce a highly focused and impactful CV. We will craft the best CV – one that shows your ‘true worth’. Distinguishing you from the crowd and increasing your opportunity for continuous advancement.

Fair & comprehensive

The CV packages we offer are both fairly priced and comprehensive e.g. you will receive your digital copies at no extra cost (all-inclusive). Clicking on those additional ‘tick boxes’ can be very costly, it’s a common payment practice used amongst other CV consultancies.

We are confident to say that we offer an exceptional and cost-effective service.

Focus on You Individually…
Our Commitment to Those We Serve.

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How much do you charge?

With varying levels of CV packages on offer, e.g. Student CV £55.00 – Executive/Administrator CV £167.00, you'll find a CV package that matches your career level. Each CV package differs in cost due to the estimated work involved.

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What happens once I place my order?

You will be sent a questionnaire, which forms the basis of your CV. You will also be asked to attach an existing CV (if available). Your assigned consultant will contact you to arrange a suitable telephone consultation time, this will help your consultant to extract further vital information that helps him/her to formulate your “Key Skills”, “Any Key Achievements” and you’re “Personal Statement”.

Your consultant will send you a draft copy of your CV (within 48 Hours) – should you want any amendments or additions made at this stage, let us know and your consultant will make a further telephone consultation with you. Upon your approval we will send you the final draft.

What will my CV package include?

  • Word Document - Fully Editable.
  • PDF File - Content and Format Integrity.
  • 3 Hard Copies - Watermarked Cotton Fibre.
  • Unlimited Updates for 12 Months.

Detailed Telephone Consultation

Carried out by an experienced professional (Coaching Approach); an impartial companion who takes the time and effort to recognise your true qualities and traits.

When your CV is sent to a hiring manager, it is not only your skillset, experience and personality that counts, but your presentation of it – formatted in a legible style.

Digital Copies

You will receive digital versions of your CV (Word and PDF files) via email on the same day it’s completed. This conveniently allows you to print, edit and easily share (email/upload) you’re CV. For those without email addresses – we provide these files on a memory stick for you. Unlike other CV consultancies, we do not charge you an extra fee, for these digital files.


Keyword maximised for recruitment database systems.

The primary application within any recruitment management suite is an applicant tracking system (ATS); an applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment life cycle by automating the hiring process - from receiving online applications and reviewing resumes, to interviewing candidates and on-boarding new hires. It is believed that approximately 65 percent of all mid-sized companies were using some form of ATS in 2012, and that number is growing as more companies adopt HR technology.

Printed Copies

Many employers still request CVs by post rather than email; we provide you with 3 copies printed on Watermarked Cotton Fibre Paper sent to you in a hardback envelope via recorded delivery.

12 months CV revisions

Ideal for when you need to add vital information such as additional training qualifications and work-based achievements.

Interview Preparation Guide (PDF)

Highlights the importance of formulating questions and conducting research prior to the interview; it also helps you to think about how you can match their needs and add value to the organisation.

Our guide will prepare you for your meeting where you’ll be better equipped to answer and ask questions in a more professional and confident manner. Ultimately, good dialogue leads to connection and trust, resulting in a desire to engage.

When you’re fully prepared, you are confident to negotiate and win the day.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your CV, you’ll get a full refund, with no questions asked. Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on 5 Star reviews and referrals.

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Do you provide any “Free Guidance” on CV writing?

Unlike many other CV consultancies, we do not want to waste your time in attempting something that requires an experienced professional to carry out.

Your CV is the marketing tool that lands you that prized interview; being so important, this is one tool you cannot afford to leave to chance - there’s really no substitute for taking advantage of a professionally produced CV, that get's your CV read.

What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday 09:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Do you accept out of hours and weekend work?

Should you require timeline adjustments, we can check our work schedule for the possibility of out of hours/weekend work. Set at an agreed upon, additional charge. Should you require this now, call us on 01553 763 192.

Our out of hours number is 07929 344 596.

Do you work on holidays?

We are very flexible with our schedule and usually work on holidays. In cases where there are changes in our schedule, we will display these on our site. Our availability to our clients is paramount.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround target is “48 hours”, from when all necessary information is obtained. We finalise your CV only after all details are crystal clear between yourself and the assigned CV writer – this turnaround time can vary depending on your availability e.g. telephone consultations. A draft version is then sent out for your approval.

Upon your approval, you will receive your digital copies (Word and PDF files) via email on that same day. All hard copies are sent via Recorded Delivery (1st Class), estimated arrival at between 1 – 2 working days.

Should you require any further amendments thereafter, we will amend your CV and resend the digital copies at no cost to you. However, amended hard copies will incur an additional fee.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Online payments are currently processed through PayPal and we accept all of the forms of payment that they allow - MasterCard, Visa, and Debit Cards etc…

What guarantees do I get?

100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your CV, you’ll get a full refund, with no questions asked. Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on 5 Star reviews and referrals..

How do I make any future changes to my CV?

Every CV we produce comes with 12 months CV revisions, ideal for when you need us to add vital information such as additional training qualifications and work-based achievements.

And should you ever find yourself up against time - and you have access to and know your way around Microsoft Word, you can make your own amendments – this is the very reason why we supply you with an editable version of your CV.

Do you provide any additional services?

Additional Services

LinkedIn Profile Writing (£120.00): Be found with a positive keyword optimised Linkedin profile that’s influentially written to ensure that first impression is a productive one. Allow recruiters, HR, headhunters and clients to easily find you online. Can be a real door opener to that new job and career.

Cover Letter Writing Service (£24.00): Get a bespoke cover letter created which can be either a Generic one i.e. can be used for any position offer by any company. Or get a Speculative Cover Letter i.e. which can vary according to the nature of the company and fits more in line with the position on offer.

Hard Copy Package (£16.00): 10 hard copies of your CV, printed on Watermarked Cotton Fibre Paper (Via Recorded Delivery). Easily identifiable, crisp feel, no other paper compares. A watermark symbolises quality.

These additional services can be purchased from the following URL:

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We will endeavour to answer your question(s), within 24 Hours.


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Our out of hours number is 07771 303 528.

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