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Get a bespoke cover letter created which can be either a Generic one i.e. can be used for any position offer by any company. Or get a Speculative Cover Letter i.e. which can vary according to the nature of the company and fits more in line with the position on offer.

Great care is taken to create the required level of information required by the recruiter; the cover letter must match the specifics of the position. Be concise and stimulating in style fully matching the position advertised – failure at this critical point will without doubt hinder your chances of getting your CV read, and the prospect of getting interviewed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your documents, I will work with you until you are totally satisfied. Could any offer be fairer? Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on 5 Star reviews and referrals.

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