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A CV co-founded on the abilities (Good Listener and Questioner) of an experienced consultant; an impartial companion who takes the time and effort to recognise your true qualities and traits.

The competition cannot imitate the thought and attention, i.e. focus (patient attention to detail) I will provide you with a proven methodology that allows you to leapfrog your competition; blended copywriting skills, alongside sales and marketing principles that enrich the candidate's CV far beyond what is produced by a standard CV Consultant.

Using expertise in creating personal branding, i.e. CV Service and B2B Copywriting ‘best practices’ that positions ‘YOU’ as the solution; providing you 'value' and delivering 'opportunity' directly to your ‘future self’. Your earning potential is increased exponentially, and you open doors to a world of opportunities and professional growth - easily maintain upward mobility throughout your career; income improvement always follow self-improvement/positioning.

You take away a highly focused and impactful CV, that speaks directly to the reader's self-interest, one that will distinguish you from the crowd. When your CV is sent to a hiring manager, it is not only your skillset, experience and personality that counts, but your presentation of it – formatted in a legible style.

You take away a preparedness that will not only provide you with renewed confidence, but also make a great impression upon your future interviewer.

The Proprietors Philosophy

As our economy fluctuates into its next evolutionary phase, a familiar question echoes in the background of our society “How do I approach this situation?” brought about by unpredictable changes to our working hours and looming layoffs. As with most things in life, there is a very simple yet robust answer given to us by one of the most profound quotations that you may ever come across:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor E. Frankl

And with those of us fortunate to have occupational arrangements consuming huge parts of our daily lives, it’s not difficult for many to experience an ‘existential vacuum’ a growing emptiness and long bouts of boredom brought on by low ‘core self-evaluations’ i.e. negative appraisal of self, low aspirations, lack of confidence and growing uncertainty. How we think of and value ourselves, greatly affects our job satisfaction and self-agency.

It is difficult to achieve much while fighting self-doubt; there are countless attractive options that people do not pursue because of negative self-perceptions of themselves incapable of obtaining them.

A reputable conviction of mine is that people need a ‘psychological edge/guide’ that would help them to clearly define ones competencies which ultimately leads towards greater self-confidence, motivation, and job satisfaction. And because of this belief I have started to put in place such an ‘edge/guide’ – The Continuous Advancement Plan™, a true self-efficacy builder that places anyone where opportunity can see them.

It’s also my belief that no one can, nor won’t trust an expert’s solution to a problem that they themselves can’t understand. This is why I’ve gone to great lengths to explain clearly the solution that I offer you. I want happy clients, clients that wouldn’t think twice about recommending our services.

I believe in providing services that are valued. Focusing on individuals’ needs ‘individually’; being aware of how a genuine helping hand and an easy to understand format goes a long way in the creation of trust. And seen that I rely so heavily on referrals, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I just want to thank you personally for choosing my site, and realise that you had a number of other choices, but I really appreciate the fact that you chose mine.


Gerry O’Neill - Personal Brandind Specialist / C-Level Executive CV Writer

Gerry O’Neill is the founder/proprietor of East Anglia CV Services. Among his many skillsets, he is a Lead Copywriter and Technical Writer at Copywriter Services (www.copywriterservices.co.uk), Front End Web Developer and an Online Entrepreneur. He oversees all aspects of quality control, ensuring it meets his high level of standards. Clients, third party consultants and HR professionals alike, consider him to be a trusted adviser and companion.

He believes in ‘value’ first and helping others to achieve more. His whole premise for re-entering into the CV business was his passionate desire to deliver a genuine helping hand within an easy to understand format. Having compiled many months of research into the CV Industry he quickly realised some superfluous quirks – and decided as he puts it, rather than try to compete for a slice in what he sees as a shrinking pie and very much an outdated system that belongs to yesterday.

He chose to be creative and bake his own pie. Freed himself from the herd, by listening to his inner voice that appeared to question the ‘value’ that a client receives from the existing CV Service offering from ‘so-called’ Top UK CV consultancies (AKA Content Mills) – a worn path that’s no longer worth the trek.

Clients want to feel that their true needs are addressed - they are realising more and more, that when you remove 'exceptionalism' in favour of middle-of-the-road mediocrity and sameness, this have to be seriously questioned. People are wary of being throw-away customers; if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

You may find a slightly lower costing CV Service if you look around; however, it is worth knowing that a fair asking price does indeed result in you receiving more value (fair exchange of value - personally defined). Gerry do not charge for time or labour – he charges to develop a powerful asset that you will own; an asset that will yield dividends beyond your initial investment.

You will receive, like many other satisfied clients, the direct-benefit of a refreshing, provocative and down-to-earth methodology that focuses 100% on your core credentials and ‘future self’ success influences. A methodology based on working together for mutual success and satisfaction; succeeding in a mutually beneficial way. Placing you where opportunity can see you.

Clients warm to the unique and superior coaching approach provided them, the renewed confidence and the acquired preparedness that they walk away with - providing them with a brighter picture on their chosen career paths. Gerry is confident that you will also acquire that brighter picture.

You know a good CV Consultant, you know when a methodology is effective (story-value), it is a very simple thing – it works. The best is always cheaper in the long run, it is cheaper to hire a ‘quality’ writer, the best value.

After following his intuition he discovered a previously unnoticed performance of the ‘CV Service’ that carries it completely beyond the limits of its old market, a performance that supersedes older limitations and ideologies.

This new perspective supported his vision to get people more focused on their career prospects through the use of some easily achievable, self-marketing and motivational techniques, leading them to increased opportunity for continuous advancement. This ideal, lead him to produce the concept for his Continuous Advancement Plan™. As simple as this evolution may look, it produces better results and certainly provides more ‘value’ than is currently provided by others.

With recent reports suggesting that many of us are not working and have not been doing so for over a year, those of us in work are feeling insecure right now. Economists are constantly warning us not to get complacent, with a downturn in manufacturing and the bloodbath that’s happening on the high street, lagging indicators of the economy's health.

When undertaking a review of current staffing needs, a company will need to anticipate what reductions in headcount might be needed to ensure that it stays profitable in the current economic climate - employers will opt to retain those with real expertise and deeper knowledge, and refrain from issuing individual redundancy; employees with updated skillsets and strong competencies can be expensive to replace and recruitment can take time.

He suggests, the best advice for those employed and job seekers alike, is to concentrate on building a support network and acquire more knowledge and expertise – focus on sharpening existing competencies - can shield you from any unpredictable changes to your working hours and potential layoffs. This added focus you’ll be placing on your skills and abilities will make you a more valuable employee not only to your existing employer, but to the external job market; you’re placing yourself where opportunity can see you.

CV packages need to be individually tailored for each job by highlighting career tangibles that positions 'YOU' as the solution for that particular opening. Ultimately, good dialogue leads to connection and trust, resulting in a desire to engage. Gerry is in the results business - one of the key values provided is favourable results; more expensive but surely worth it.

“Place yourself where opportunity can see you.”
Gerard O'Neill - Personal Branding Specialist / C-Level Executive CV Writer

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