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How To Raise Yourself From CV Failure to CV Success With an ‘Unputdownable’ CV

You may find a slightly lower costing CV Service if you look around. However, it's worth more to you to know that a fair asking price does indeed result in you receiving more value. I want you to consider the reason why our clients can confidently refer us to their friends and family, and why they are more than willing to provide us with testimonials.

They warm to the coaching approach provided to them, the renewed confidence and the acquired preparedness that they walk away with - providing them with a brighter picture on their chosen career paths.

We are confident that you too will also acquire that brighter picture, and agree that we offer an exceptional and cost effective service. We are committed to being amongst the very best value providers for the services we offer.

Recruiters agree: you need a compelling CV that demonstrates a deep, sincere desire to be employed in that role at that company in that sector. It’s this enthusiasm that gets YOU hired.

The bottom line is that you have very little time (5 – 10 seconds) to grab the attention of the recruiter. If this can be achieved by your CV then chances are your CV will be read and you will be seriously considered for that position.

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Avoid Losing Out On An Opportunity?

In these ever changing times, a “job for life” is a long-forgotten memory for most of us, and with other people’s happiness and peace of mind dependent on us. When that vacancy becomes available, you don't want to lose out on the opportunity - personal wealth and income maximisation are obviously very important to you. Representation of self and application of self are the keys to maximising your opportunities, your earning abilities.

The hiring managers of large and small organisations, both here in the UK and overseas, have an unlimited supply of talented individuals to choose from in today’s demanding economic climate, it’s never been more important to make sure that your CV touches the hiring manager emotionally when getting that all important foot in the door.

Always look at filling a Job Vacancy as both an ‘information gathering process’ and a ‘sales presentation’. You’re selling a product (YOU). After all, there are approximately 64 candidates fighting for each position, it’s vital to be both well prepared and confident, to better present (YOU).

The position you’re applying for was created to solve a business problem. Therefore you’ll need to ‘be prepared’ to ‘demonstrate’ how you can solve this problem. Our task will be to show that YOU hold the missing ‘piece of the puzzle’.

Your assigned consultant will work with you to summarise your experience, skills, and credentials within your presentation, as with any good sales presentation there exists a period of research and preparation that needs to be completed prior to it.

Employers want to hire people who are passionate about their work. That means a deep, strong, sincere desire to be employed in that role at that company in that sector; your CV should convey this enthusiasm.

Hidden within everything that’s to be sold whether tangible or intangible, there are ‘sizzles’ to be found.

It’s the sizzle that evokes the ‘feeling’ and people buy with their emotions. You’ve merely got to ask “What’s important to them?”

Try to think of a recent product or service that you purchased recently, what feeling(s) sold you?

Was it the feeling of being taken care of?

Was it a warm and stress-free feeling?

Was it the time and money that you can now save on?

Applying for a particular position is no different; you need to play on the emotions of the hiring manager.

We are highly experienced at finding these ‘sizzles’. Therefore, allowing you to convey to the hiring manager the required experience, skills and attitude; you’re good at this work using these skills. And ultimately, this shows that you take pride in the work you do. When you create this ‘feeling’, you get hired.

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The Art Of Influencing The Gate Keeper - Get Your CV Read

Satisfying our employment goals and needs can be a real challenge for most of us, and can feel a little intimidating, and with the market becoming more competitive than ever, it can be down right nerve-racking. So it certainly pays to stop, think and plan how to best market your Value Proposition to prospective employers. Read on, to discover why it’s illogical to create your own CV – without the appropriate weaponry and mind-set considerations.

Our Job hunting challenge should start out with the creation of a highly focused CV. Yet all too often, this important document is given less priority in the chain of things. It is this lack of foresight that becomes a candidate’s weakest link.

Let’s put ourselves in the mind-set of the Interviewer (whom we like to refer to as the Gate Keeper), whose job it is to select the appropriate candidate for the position. The aims of the Interviewer are to:

  1. Learn if you are the right person for the job

  2. Decide whether you will fit into the company environment/setting

  3. Assess your potential for future promotion

  4. Determine if you can inherit and upkeep the company’s ethos

This can be a daunting task, as the Interviewer will certainly be under a lot of pressure to get it right. With poor job fits resulting in lost productivity and excessive erosion - both costly issues for today’s lean Companies. Equipped with this knowledge, we can surmise that to ease that pressure, the Interviewer will be out to select those highly focused and well-presented CVs – following his/her instincts and experience. This experienced professional knows what to look for, and will choose those who have followed the rules - formality dictates this domain.

In this casual world, there are times when we need to conduct ourselves in a formal manner. Being formal helps us to be taken seriously, it doesn't have to mean being rigid or unnatural; it's basically using good manners and following a certain set of rules.

The bottom line here being that, if you are seen to be missing out on the basics while applying, ask yourself, “How can I be trusted to deal with the more difficult details of the job?” This fundamental question has for a long time, been etched into the Interviewers mind-set.

As professional CV Writers, we are all too aware of this mind-set, we know how to please this scrutinising Gate keeper. We achieve this by using our preferred weapons, applying the right use of typography, copywriting skills, desktop publishing and our usage of psychological and behavioural principles – placing YOU where opportunity can see YOU.

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Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Choosing A CV Consultant

Lower priced CV services that charge very little for their services in comparison with about 10% of other legitimate ‘CV Consultants’, can appear attractive and cost-effective. However, let me point out that no Professional CV Writer could ever afford to work for a low minimum hourly rate.

It usually takes hours to formulate strategies that are advantageous to the applicant and then piece it all together into the final presentation. If you do the math, you soon realise that the amount of hours this process can take, you start to see that these lower priced folks claiming to be ‘CV Writers’ just simply don’t add up.

When a vacancy becomes available, you don't want to lose out on the opportunity due to irrational behaviour – pay peanuts, and you get monkeys. There are approximately 64 candidates fighting for each position, and the fact is that you’ve got literally seconds to grab the attention of the reader before he passes your CV like a ship in the night. It takes a pretty big ‘jolt’ to make the reader notice ‘YOU’ and take action.

CV Writing is no different to any other skill-set which can only be acquired through countless hours of disciplined creative-thinking, patience and being able to totally immerse oneself with the applicant at hand. You can’t just pick up a book on the subject and assume after reading it that you’re a Professional CV Writer.

Instead, it takes many years of hands-on experience in the field of CV Writing and self-education. Outstanding CV Writing starts with the natural ability of being able to look deep into an applicant’s career and extract tangible benefits that are then presented to the reader of that CV. A Professional CV Writer relies constantly on his/her highly developed ingenuity to think strategically, analyse and demonstrate ‘tangibles’ that were offered to the previous or current employer(s). Tangibles are the soul of any great CV.

So, from the description of a Professional CV Writer above, do you think that one could really afford to work for a minimum hourly rate? Enough said on the subject.

You gain nothing from these ‘under-priced shenanigans’ - choose a more committed ‘CV Consultant’ and provide yourself with that critical edge that gets you hired..

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My old CV I applied for 9 jobs and never got a reply after my new CV was posted to new companies I received 2 offers of interviews in the first week.

I would recommend this company every time if you are looking for a first CV or you need a new approach to your CV look no further than this company.”
― Richard - Senior Patch Surveyor

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Relying on our ‘ingenuity’ to think strategically, analyse and demonstrate the ‘tangibles’, we’ve written CVs for a variety of people. These people’s occupations range from Entry Level Job Seekers through to Company Directors.

It’s vital that we never compromise on quality because in the end, this is what has people coming back for more.

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